Changes in out LifeTime – Finale

RICH PEOPLE  –  Hid and did their work behind closed doors. Today everybody who’s rich wants acknowledgement from the poor, it’s like they want to rub it into everybody else’s face how much better they are.

GOVERNMENT  –  Was a functioning body making life better for all of us. Has now been labeled a do-nothing enterprise and those elected on this premise are doing their best to live up to this description. Why run for office if your main goal is to stop legislation?

APPLE  –  Going out of business then the triumph of the century and then a running out of gas has-been. Illustrating that perception is only key in art.

COMPUTERS  –  Used to crash and you used to know how they worked. Now your tablet never crashes.

LIGHT BULBS  –  Became political. Who knew that most of the energy dissipated as heat? If we can switch everybody to efficient LED bulbs, with fluorescents nearly passe, what other problems can we as a nation, with legislation, tackle and solve? In other words, when was the last time you heard someone bitch that they’ve lost their freedom because they can’t buy an incandescent?

ONLINE ADS  –  Went from nonexistent to de rigueur. Even has ads covering the entire site. The next business is charging people to make the ads disappear, YouTube would be more profitable that way.

YOUTUBE  –  Went from loss leader to profitable. That’s the value of deep pockets, they can think beyond today. And isn’t it interesting that the deep pockets in music can only think about yesterday, with execs needing fat paychecks and artists still clamoring to sell overpriced albums nobody wants.

MARKETING  –  Used to be the narrative to sell the product. Now marketing is the product.

HEADPHONES  –  Used to be rare and expensive, but are now cheap and plentiful, people own multiple pairs. First the product is democratized, then quality improves. So don’t bitch about today, think about tomorrow. Everyone will be able to hear your music in good quality, it’s just that you’ve got to give them a reason to listen to it.

KICKSTARTER  –  Was a way for the underdog to get financing, with the illusion of a profile. Now it’s where the already successful go to get way too much money, and as a result they’re killing crowdfunding. That’s the way of America, anything worth doing is overdone, and killed. If you don’t keep it small, you kill it. Kind of like EDM, will Live Nation and SFX kill it? They’re gonna try!


Changes in our Lifetime

PHOTOS  –  Used to cost something and were shot sparingly and viewed in the future. Today, photos literally cost nothing and are oftentimes shot and discarded.

MUSIC  –  Was something you listened to, now it’s something you use. You add it to YouTube clips, you integrate it with your projects, it’s all done very easily but copyright law has still not caught up with today’s uses, nor has the music industry.

CREATION  –  Used to be expensive and we felt anybody who’d made a record deserved attention. Now anyone can record, even on their iPad, and we need a reason to pay attention.

PHONE  –  Long distance was expensive, today you can video conference across the globe for nothing.

AUTOS  –  We used to want something that impressed others with its swooping lines and horsepower, now our vehicle is a badge of our eco-consciousness. You may buy a Porsche, but you’re gonna be judged negatively by the very people you’re trying to impress. If your car is not a hybrid or an electric, you won’t become a pariah like a smoker, but you’ll be close.

NEWS  –  We trusted the few sources we had. Now no one trusts TV news, other than the images displayed. What anybody says is seen as no different from wrestling. Now news is plentiful and the odds of being out of the loop are infinitesimal. Then again, we’re all on news overload so except for a few stories, like the Boston bombing, we tune out so much, figuring our friends will clue us in on what’s important.

COLLEGE  –  Was once seen as an Eden for few that expanded your brain. Now it’s an overpriced haven for everyone to get a job.

SUMMER CAMP  –  Was where you had color war and made lifelong friends. Now it’s where you develop skills and build your college resume.

STEREO  –  Once upon a time you could only play your music at home, it wasn’t until the seventies that you could take it in your car. Today you expect all your music to be available everywhere you go.

INTERNET  –  You used to lament the downtime, you knew your provider’s telephone number by heart. Now, when the Internet goes down it’s akin to a blackout, a very rare event. Then again, why is it blackouts are more prevalent in the twenty first century than they were in the twentieth?

Youth are Inheriting the Earth

The youth are inheriting the earth. (and this is news?)

It’s happening now. And they don’t believe in the old institutions. And they’re computer-literate in a way that the oldsters never will be. And they’re gonna build new institutions that will level those of the past.

But for now we’ve got to endure this inane chaos. Where those who don’t count, the baby boomers and their get rich quick children, are so busy amplifying their message that you can’t see the truth.

But the truth is we live in the age of the individual. That’s why you social network, to embellish your identity and feel good, how many friends have you got? You tweet the news so you can say you knew first, not because you really care. And just like Reagan channeled the discontent and swept into office upon it, a new leader, a new reality, a whole new paradigm is gonna emerge that will control us all, for better or worse, because we just can’t take this crazy myopic cash grab a minute longer.

Change in America

Change in America? It’ll happen the same way it did in the Middle East. With an unforeseen spark,

Sacrifice? Remember when young men went to Canada rather than participate in an unjust war within which they might get their ass shot off? Sacrifice today is when you forget to untag the photo on Facebook and you lose a job opportunity.

When we get to the other side of this, people don’t realize it’s gonna be worse. All this hogwash about the opportunity on the Web? You can put your stuff up on Spotify and YouTube and tweet about it, but if you think anybody’s paying attention, you’re delusional. That’s the story of tomorrow, how everybody shrugs their shoulders and gives up and pledges fealty to the new gatekeepers, unbelievably powerful entities with all the eyeballs. Remember the old Internet, the nineties Internet, sans ads, where the worst thing you had to worry about was a pop-up advertisement? Today even the “New York Times” has full page ads covering its site. Advertising is so rampant online that this on demand world subjects us to more commercial messages than the old days of three TV channels and no remote control. The Web is all sell, all the time, and if you’re not tired of it, if you don’t think something’s rotten in America, then you’re profiting from it, big time, unlike the losers with Google ads on their sites earning bupkes.

It’s the “Me Decade” all over again. Remember when people had sixties hangover and focused on themselves, to the exclusion of everything else? Do you really expect me to care about these bozos on “Newsroom” taking themselves and their jobs so seriously? They’re laughable. I wouldn’t want to be them, the same way I wouldn’t want to be a banker, because I either want to be happy or do something that matters. And today no one wants to do something that matters, because they’re too busy trying to be rich.

Oh, there’s a patina of importance on “Newsroom,” but since we’re subjected to the real news 24/7, we have no trust for these self-promoters, not after we’ve experienced Judith Miller, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. We know it’s about the money. And if they weren’t making so much, if they weren’t invited to the right parties, they wouldn’t be in the business.

Do you really expect NBC or CNN or Fox or MSNBC or any of the TV news outlets to matter in the future? They barely matter now!

And the truth about baby boomers is they don’t evolve, they pay lip service to the future and hang on to the past, riding the wave as long as they can until they cut out, swim to shore and start sipping pina coladas on the way to retirement.

What a difference a year makes. -CONTD-

Something is changing in America. And it’s definitely not being televised.

What we’ve got is an incredible tumult, leaving everything up for grabs, and those with power and those who desire it are grasping at straws that will never stir the drink. They’re playing to each other instead of those with the power, the people.

We don’t trust NBC.
We don’t trust CNN.
We don’t trust Facebook.
We don’t trust Jay-Z.

Watching “Newsroom” tonight it’s clear they’re all in it for personal glory. And maybe that’s the ultimate point, that their hubris gets them into trouble, but why do we care to begin with?

It’s like we’re living in a post nuclear age, one of refugees, searching for sustenance. But all we’re fed is talking heads and advertisements for that which we cannot afford to buy or do not need. Will America right itself? Quite possibly. Will it be the land of the fifties and sixties, an egalitarian, socially mobile, near utopia? If you think so, you’re dreaming.

I don’t care what happened one or two years ago. Occupy Wall Street… That might as well be the “Macarena.” Goldman Sachs? No one thinks bankers will ever pay, that dream’s been forgotten, we saw the carnage, yet Matt Taibbi keeps writing about it and Aaron Sorkin’s making TV about it not realizing the problem isn’t education, but pessimism. We know the truth, we just don’t think we can do anything about it.


What a difference a year makes.

Last year it was us versus them. This year…it’s every man for himself.

You remember 2012. When the Tea Party was battling the Democrats. Now not only is that battle ancient history, we know it was irrelevant, because corporations run this country and the Supreme Court, installed for life, has been potentially hijacked. And there’s nothing you or anybody else can do about it.

Have a different opinion? I couldn’t care less. Because opinions no longer matter. Now it’s about facts. Like how much money do you have and how much have I got. Did you get laid last night?

Hope has gone out the window, we’re no longer in it together, and one thing’s for damn sure, no one trusts television news.
All this b.s. about Fox and MSNBC. Neither covered Wendy Davis’s filibuster and that was ultimately irrelevant with Texas passing the bill anyway.

What is going on in America?

I’m tying to figure it out. And that seems to make me a party of one. Because everybody in mainstream media is so self-impressed, and myopic, I’m not sure they can even see the truth, never mind sacrifice themselves for it.

What we’ve got is a cable channel predicated on fantasy, with “Game Of Thrones” and “Vampire Diaries,” trying to be au courant and meaningful and missing the target by so wide a margin I’m not sure they know what the target is.

-to be continued-


We all celebrate Americas’ freedom and our ability years ago to break away from the burden of its colonial past to begin anew: independent, autonomous nation, in its own right.

Freedom is not just an objective for nations. It is something we strive for in our daily lives as well. We are free to choose which car we drive or where we live. We have our favorite brands, and we expect service when we pay for it. That’s all part of our freedom.

Still freedom is more.

Maybe we are only really free when we are free from our own thoughts and expectations. When we are able to break away from the burden of our personal pasts, and we begin every day anew appreciating the gift of life.

We can only be free when we are able to cherish that one thing we always have: the present moment.

We try. – We do yoga, and we meditate.

Many will say: It is not easy.

Enjoying the present moment in full should be the easiest thing.



To the WORLD….

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

“The secret is not running after butterflies, but taking good care of your own garden so that butterflies will come to you. At the end of the day, you shall not find whom you were seeking: you shall find the one who was looking for you.”

Tesla is for the rich. – For now.

What an interesting perspective. Musk, Tesla CEO,  is selling technology, not an automobile. You know technology, you price it high for the early adopters, and when you’ve got all the kinks worked out, you lower the price and you’ve got a bona fide hit.

In other words, if you’ve been to Beverly Hills recently, you’d think they’re giving Teslas away, that’s how prevalent they are. And I’ve been up close and personal, even at the “showroom” on the Third Street Promenade, but I’ve never been inside, I’ve never been taken for a spin.

But how do you get inside?

You see the door handles are recessed into the body. There’s nowhere to grip! Turns out as you approach the automobile, it senses this fact, and the door handles pop out. It’s mesmerizing…

And you don’t bother to turn the car on. You just sit down and it knows, it fires up by itself.

And then there’s the dashboard screen. The size of two iPads, bigger. Touch-sensitive. With not only maps and radio controls, but Internet access, yup, all your e-mail is right there.

In other words, Elon Musk is making a car for today. This ain’t the music industry, this ain’t Detroit, there’s no shrugging of shoulders and talk of legacy customers and insurmountable challenges…the Tesla is positively now, as my buddy says, it’s not a car, it’s a computer.

And you can barely hear it.

And there’s none of that jerkiness as you switch gears. Because there’s not a transmission, but a rheostat, and when you floor it…IT TAKES OFF LIKE A ROCKET!

0-60 in 3.9 seconds. All you’ve got to do is press the pedal to the metal.

Or as “Automobile Magazine” said: “It’s the performance that won us over. The crazy speed builds silently and then pulls back the edges of your face. It had us all endangering our licenses.”

I’m declaring Tesla the future of the automobile.

Everybody with a Tesla can’t stop talking about it. The media isn’t selling the Tesla, the owners are. How the car updates itself overnight. How they come to your house to fix it. How there’s a trunk not only in the back, but the front!

Leafs are great. Hybrids are cool. But if you truly want to penetrate public consciousness, shoot for the apex, the pinnacle, wow them, then you’ve got a chance.

You couldn’t understand why you needed a computer….then AOL connected the world and you rushed out to buy one.

You couldn’t understand why you needed a smartphone…then your friends were frustrated they could not reach you on the run.

Oh you’re gonna drive an electric car, you just don’t know it yet.

This is no Bricklin, this is no DeLorean, because unlike those failed experiments, the Tesla just works. Elon Musk is ignoring Detroit, ignoring the naysayers, he started with a clean slate and delivered something jaw-dropping.

This used to happen in music. Remember the Beatles? Remember Bob Dylan? Then again, they were enterprises unto themselves, they didn’t bitch that they couldn’t make enough money.

Elon Musk is not a crybaby. And that’s why he’s successful and you’re ………


That capitalists, corporations, have taken over the Internet, trying to replicate the pre-wired era, and the fit may be bad and the consequences may be worse.

Come on, you know what he’s talking about. The endless ads, the crazy self-promotion. Everybody’s trying to get attention, they want more, more, more, and there’s no time for the contemplated life. Unless it’s immediate, a one hit  wonder, driven by video, like PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” or wondrously infectious in its own right, like Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Musicians may have it right, they’re asking listeners to jet back to what once was, (spend time with the music) only listeners are having no part of it, if they’re listening at all. They’re too busy tweeting and Facebooking and…. Meanwhile, everybody is focused on money. Maybe we should step back and take the road less traveled.

Maybe we should simply unplug, go face to face. But, I like being able to connect with so many online. HOWEVER, what is the point of connecting with your second grade buddy in cyberspace. After you get the hit of dopamine, do you really want to continue, how many relationships can you have, isn’t there a reason you grew up and moved on?

Seems like we might need some local focus. In monetary exchange. In agriculture.

It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are if people don’t want to read them…… We seem to be hooked to the rush of our devices. Do we only have time for that which we can network online about?
It’s worth thinking about.

I am.