The problem with “artists” today.

The problem with “artists” today. They want fame, they want riches, but they don’t want to be the thing that got them there. They want to go play on the Lakers, but they don’t want to practice.

If you just want to find the job you can tolerate… that’s where you end up, with the torture you can handle. It ain’t fun. Oh, sometimes it is. But really, it’s work!

That’s what wannabes don’t understand. That’s why I respect people who graduate from college. Not because they learn anything there, but because they endured it! Everything I learned in college was outside the classroom. I spent hours reading “Rolling Stone” and “Fusion” and “Crawdaddy” and so many magazines you’ve never heard the name of. But I knew what the game was, I played it, stretching its limits, of course, I could tell you stories, and it’s like I survived boot camp, or a war, it informs who I am.

But the youngsters and the dropouts… They’ve got the will, but no history. The army breaks you down, turns you into someone who can be counted on… That’s what I want, someone I can count on!

First and foremost I want people I can count on. Who will be there. Because life is no picnic, I want to be lifted up when I’m worn out and pushed forward when I don’t want to play anymore. It takes a special kind of person to do this, look for them.

And I’m interested in process. Based on the music press, you’d think songs are delivered instantaneously, by God. The truth is many are written by committee, there’s no there there, the thrill is in working it out yourself.


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