“Pop-Tarts…they can’t go stale because they were never fresh!”

Longer forms entertainment, it’s the wave of the future.

Huh? Don’t we live in the short attention span era?

WRONG! Ignore everything said by anybody who proffers this theory. Ever see a kid play video games? You can’t tear him away. The truth is we all want to dig deeper, and he who realizes this will own the future.

“A small amount of too much spoils the whole thing.”

That’s why Jerry didn’t do another season of “Seinfeld.” He was worried about compromising the white hot relationship between the show and its fans. Once it’s not quite as good, it’s awful. Kind of like a standup…he’s genius if he kills for an hour ten, after an hour and a half, it’s way too much, you’re looking at your watch, and you’re ready to go home. Come on, you’ve had this feeling. And it’s not that you don’t want to hear any more, but that special feeling…it’s evaporating.


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