10 of 30

1. Have children. The rest of life is b.s., all the achievement and the wealth. At the core, we’re just animals, looking for love and inspiration. No one will be remembered.

2. The older you get, the wiser you are, but with baby boomers trying to emulate the young, ageism is rampant in America. If only oldsters would own their wisdom. But then they’d have to own the lines in their faces and their lumpy bodies.

3. Obesity kills. Ignore Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, the skinny-minnies, the fat police, the people who want you to make you feel bad so they can feel better. But the health consequences of excess weight are undeniable. Blame computers, blame the government, blame food producers, but we need a national campaign to get everybody up and moving, for their own benefit.

4. Exercise makes you feel better. Don’t go run a mile if you’ve been on the couch, work your way up and find something you enjoy, otherwise you’ll never continue it. But exercise gives you both an endorphin rush and perspective, it’s a great respite from your regular life.

5. Travel gives you perspective. Sure, it can also be enjoyable, but one problem we have in the U.S. is few have been anywhere else.

6. Don’t be afraid to complain. It’s the upbeat nitwits that bother me most. Woody Allen famously said life is about the horrible and the miserable, we’re all trying to get along, if you keep telling me your life is great and you’ve got no problems, I’m gonna tune out.

7. College isn’t about what you learn in class, but what you learn outside of it.

8. Great teachers are few and far between.

9. Pursue your interests. As soon as somebody says you’re spending too much time on something, you’re on the right track.

10. People love story. That’s the essence of novels and TV and movies. That’s why reality TV shows have scriptwriters.


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