11-20 of 30

11. It’s more fun to see a movie in a theatre, but it’s an untenable proposition because everybody there thinks they’re entitled to talk and text.

12. There’s more insight and truth in the lyrics of Joni Mitchell than there is on the best of TV channels, even HBO.

13. If you need a new car to feel good about yourself, you need a psychiatrist more.

14. Phony rules in America. Everybody’s trying to put up a front to please someone else. But behind closed doors this is never true. Politics, business…ehh. If only they ran more like the home.

15. People can’t keep secrets. Tell one person, you’ve told them all.

16. Satisfaction is unexpected. In other words, it’s when you’re driving down the highway or walking down the avenue that you’ll suddenly realize you love your life.

17. If you want to feel good, help another person. Solving someone’s computer problem gives me more satisfaction than just about anything.

18. Everybody says they want shorter, but what they really want is something that rivets them, they’ve got endless time for great.

19. People don’t know they’re being judged by the spelling mistakes.

20. Change is hard, but always worthwhile. In other words, the cliche that after being fired or dumped you’re gonna end up in a better place is true. But what they don’t tell you is how long it’s gonna take to get to the other side.


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