Facebook Twitter v Music

They didn’t care about music.

We’re in the tech era. But what they don’t tell you is one day it’s gonna run out of gas, it will be replaced by something heretofore unseen, dominated by nerds who were poor and got no attention and will suddenly rule the earth. Kind of like how the techies replaced the musicians.

Last night I watched the film “Downloaded,” the story of Napster. Which seems like ancient history, even though it occurred little over a decade ago. But what would stun the music execs if they pulled their heads out of their rear ends is that their audience, today’s teens, never knew any different, the free music/YouTube/Spotify/digital world is all they’ve ever experienced, and despite inane protestations from the boomer-driven media that vinyl is making a comeback, akin to stating that Model T’s are replacing Teslas, the past is never ever gonna return.

The masses never know what they want, they arrive late. It starts with early adopters. Who glom on to something so damn cool they have to tell everybody about it.

Napster was that cool. Facebook and Twitter in the beginning. Music?

The difference between Facebook and Twitter and music is the former are built upon the public’s information, without it they’re nothing, whereas music stands alone, if anything, the public gazes in adulation. Same deal with Apple. The product is tangible, not elusive, instead of chasing Wall Street dreams Apple is actually making stuff, that you can use to your advantage. So when you tell me how many Facebook friends and Twitter followers you’ve got I’m not impressed, I want to hear your music, and I want it to challenge and elate me all at the same time.


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