Making a HIT

How can you create something so interesting, so riveting, that we’ll all pay attention?

That’s what “Gangnam Style” was all about. Unfortunately, it was the MTV paradigm replicated in cyberspace, it was not about the music but the visuals.

But music is really damn hard to do. And so is coding, building a great app.

The key is to be so skilled, so versed in the basics, that you’re open to inspiration. But today anybody with any skill is doing it the corporate way, playing to an ever shrinking Top Forty audience.

In the wake of income inequality and the focus on wealth, nobody wants to take the road less taken in the pursuit of genius. Oh, some say they do, but then they don’t stop imploring us to pay attention.

That’s what you hear again and again. It takes money and marketing to make a hit.


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