That capitalists, corporations, have taken over the Internet, trying to replicate the pre-wired era, and the fit may be bad and the consequences may be worse.

Come on, you know what he’s talking about. The endless ads, the crazy self-promotion. Everybody’s trying to get attention, they want more, more, more, and there’s no time for the contemplated life. Unless it’s immediate, a one hit  wonder, driven by video, like PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” or wondrously infectious in its own right, like Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Musicians may have it right, they’re asking listeners to jet back to what once was, (spend time with the music) only listeners are having no part of it, if they’re listening at all. They’re too busy tweeting and Facebooking and…. Meanwhile, everybody is focused on money. Maybe we should step back and take the road less traveled.

Maybe we should simply unplug, go face to face. But, I like being able to connect with so many online. HOWEVER, what is the point of connecting with your second grade buddy in cyberspace. After you get the hit of dopamine, do you really want to continue, how many relationships can you have, isn’t there a reason you grew up and moved on?

Seems like we might need some local focus. In monetary exchange. In agriculture.

It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are if people don’t want to read them…… We seem to be hooked to the rush of our devices. Do we only have time for that which we can network online about?
It’s worth thinking about.

I am.


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