We all celebrate Americas’ freedom and our ability years ago to break away from the burden of its colonial past to begin anew: independent, autonomous nation, in its own right.

Freedom is not just an objective for nations. It is something we strive for in our daily lives as well. We are free to choose which car we drive or where we live. We have our favorite brands, and we expect service when we pay for it. That’s all part of our freedom.

Still freedom is more.

Maybe we are only really free when we are free from our own thoughts and expectations. When we are able to break away from the burden of our personal pasts, and we begin every day anew appreciating the gift of life.

We can only be free when we are able to cherish that one thing we always have: the present moment.

We try. – We do yoga, and we meditate.

Many will say: It is not easy.

Enjoying the present moment in full should be the easiest thing.




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