What a difference a year makes. -CONTD-

Something is changing in America. And it’s definitely not being televised.

What we’ve got is an incredible tumult, leaving everything up for grabs, and those with power and those who desire it are grasping at straws that will never stir the drink. They’re playing to each other instead of those with the power, the people.

We don’t trust NBC.
We don’t trust CNN.
We don’t trust Facebook.
We don’t trust Jay-Z.

Watching “Newsroom” tonight it’s clear they’re all in it for personal glory. And maybe that’s the ultimate point, that their hubris gets them into trouble, but why do we care to begin with?

It’s like we’re living in a post nuclear age, one of refugees, searching for sustenance. But all we’re fed is talking heads and advertisements for that which we cannot afford to buy or do not need. Will America right itself? Quite possibly. Will it be the land of the fifties and sixties, an egalitarian, socially mobile, near utopia? If you think so, you’re dreaming.

I don’t care what happened one or two years ago. Occupy Wall Street… That might as well be the “Macarena.” Goldman Sachs? No one thinks bankers will ever pay, that dream’s been forgotten, we saw the carnage, yet Matt Taibbi keeps writing about it and Aaron Sorkin’s making TV about it not realizing the problem isn’t education, but pessimism. We know the truth, we just don’t think we can do anything about it.



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