Change in America

Change in America? It’ll happen the same way it did in the Middle East. With an unforeseen spark,

Sacrifice? Remember when young men went to Canada rather than participate in an unjust war within which they might get their ass shot off? Sacrifice today is when you forget to untag the photo on Facebook and you lose a job opportunity.

When we get to the other side of this, people don’t realize it’s gonna be worse. All this hogwash about the opportunity on the Web? You can put your stuff up on Spotify and YouTube and tweet about it, but if you think anybody’s paying attention, you’re delusional. That’s the story of tomorrow, how everybody shrugs their shoulders and gives up and pledges fealty to the new gatekeepers, unbelievably powerful entities with all the eyeballs. Remember the old Internet, the nineties Internet, sans ads, where the worst thing you had to worry about was a pop-up advertisement? Today even the “New York Times” has full page ads covering its site. Advertising is so rampant online that this on demand world subjects us to more commercial messages than the old days of three TV channels and no remote control. The Web is all sell, all the time, and if you’re not tired of it, if you don’t think something’s rotten in America, then you’re profiting from it, big time, unlike the losers with Google ads on their sites earning bupkes.

It’s the “Me Decade” all over again. Remember when people had sixties hangover and focused on themselves, to the exclusion of everything else? Do you really expect me to care about these bozos on “Newsroom” taking themselves and their jobs so seriously? They’re laughable. I wouldn’t want to be them, the same way I wouldn’t want to be a banker, because I either want to be happy or do something that matters. And today no one wants to do something that matters, because they’re too busy trying to be rich.

Oh, there’s a patina of importance on “Newsroom,” but since we’re subjected to the real news 24/7, we have no trust for these self-promoters, not after we’ve experienced Judith Miller, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. We know it’s about the money. And if they weren’t making so much, if they weren’t invited to the right parties, they wouldn’t be in the business.

Do you really expect NBC or CNN or Fox or MSNBC or any of the TV news outlets to matter in the future? They barely matter now!

And the truth about baby boomers is they don’t evolve, they pay lip service to the future and hang on to the past, riding the wave as long as they can until they cut out, swim to shore and start sipping pina coladas on the way to retirement.


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