Youth are Inheriting the Earth

The youth are inheriting the earth. (and this is news?)

It’s happening now. And they don’t believe in the old institutions. And they’re computer-literate in a way that the oldsters never will be. And they’re gonna build new institutions that will level those of the past.

But for now we’ve got to endure this inane chaos. Where those who don’t count, the baby boomers and their get rich quick children, are so busy amplifying their message that you can’t see the truth.

But the truth is we live in the age of the individual. That’s why you social network, to embellish your identity and feel good, how many friends have you got? You tweet the news so you can say you knew first, not because you really care. And just like Reagan channeled the discontent and swept into office upon it, a new leader, a new reality, a whole new paradigm is gonna emerge that will control us all, for better or worse, because we just can’t take this crazy myopic cash grab a minute longer.


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