Changes in our Lifetime

PHOTOS  –  Used to cost something and were shot sparingly and viewed in the future. Today, photos literally cost nothing and are oftentimes shot and discarded.

MUSIC  –  Was something you listened to, now it’s something you use. You add it to YouTube clips, you integrate it with your projects, it’s all done very easily but copyright law has still not caught up with today’s uses, nor has the music industry.

CREATION  –  Used to be expensive and we felt anybody who’d made a record deserved attention. Now anyone can record, even on their iPad, and we need a reason to pay attention.

PHONE  –  Long distance was expensive, today you can video conference across the globe for nothing.

AUTOS  –  We used to want something that impressed others with its swooping lines and horsepower, now our vehicle is a badge of our eco-consciousness. You may buy a Porsche, but you’re gonna be judged negatively by the very people you’re trying to impress. If your car is not a hybrid or an electric, you won’t become a pariah like a smoker, but you’ll be close.

NEWS  –  We trusted the few sources we had. Now no one trusts TV news, other than the images displayed. What anybody says is seen as no different from wrestling. Now news is plentiful and the odds of being out of the loop are infinitesimal. Then again, we’re all on news overload so except for a few stories, like the Boston bombing, we tune out so much, figuring our friends will clue us in on what’s important.

COLLEGE  –  Was once seen as an Eden for few that expanded your brain. Now it’s an overpriced haven for everyone to get a job.

SUMMER CAMP  –  Was where you had color war and made lifelong friends. Now it’s where you develop skills and build your college resume.

STEREO  –  Once upon a time you could only play your music at home, it wasn’t until the seventies that you could take it in your car. Today you expect all your music to be available everywhere you go.

INTERNET  –  You used to lament the downtime, you knew your provider’s telephone number by heart. Now, when the Internet goes down it’s akin to a blackout, a very rare event. Then again, why is it blackouts are more prevalent in the twenty first century than they were in the twentieth?


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