Changes in out LifeTime – Finale

RICH PEOPLE  –  Hid and did their work behind closed doors. Today everybody who’s rich wants acknowledgement from the poor, it’s like they want to rub it into everybody else’s face how much better they are.

GOVERNMENT  –  Was a functioning body making life better for all of us. Has now been labeled a do-nothing enterprise and those elected on this premise are doing their best to live up to this description. Why run for office if your main goal is to stop legislation?

APPLE  –  Going out of business then the triumph of the century and then a running out of gas has-been. Illustrating that perception is only key in art.

COMPUTERS  –  Used to crash and you used to know how they worked. Now your tablet never crashes.

LIGHT BULBS  –  Became political. Who knew that most of the energy dissipated as heat? If we can switch everybody to efficient LED bulbs, with fluorescents nearly passe, what other problems can we as a nation, with legislation, tackle and solve? In other words, when was the last time you heard someone bitch that they’ve lost their freedom because they can’t buy an incandescent?

ONLINE ADS  –  Went from nonexistent to de rigueur. Even has ads covering the entire site. The next business is charging people to make the ads disappear, YouTube would be more profitable that way.

YOUTUBE  –  Went from loss leader to profitable. That’s the value of deep pockets, they can think beyond today. And isn’t it interesting that the deep pockets in music can only think about yesterday, with execs needing fat paychecks and artists still clamoring to sell overpriced albums nobody wants.

MARKETING  –  Used to be the narrative to sell the product. Now marketing is the product.

HEADPHONES  –  Used to be rare and expensive, but are now cheap and plentiful, people own multiple pairs. First the product is democratized, then quality improves. So don’t bitch about today, think about tomorrow. Everyone will be able to hear your music in good quality, it’s just that you’ve got to give them a reason to listen to it.

KICKSTARTER  –  Was a way for the underdog to get financing, with the illusion of a profile. Now it’s where the already successful go to get way too much money, and as a result they’re killing crowdfunding. That’s the way of America, anything worth doing is overdone, and killed. If you don’t keep it small, you kill it. Kind of like EDM, will Live Nation and SFX kill it? They’re gonna try!


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