Does tomorrow’s newspaper look like today’s?

Yahoo’s directory was eclipsed by Google’s search engine. How information is accessed always changes, especially in the digital era. But he who writes the news, he always survives, as long as he continues to evaluate and change distribution.

Paywalls are for pussies. It’s a head-scratcher why all publications are erecting them. They learned none of the lessons from the music industry. Foremost of which is your enemy is not reduced revenues, but obscurity. The key is to be the paper of record, to be available to everybody. And not everybody is concerned with everything, but when you break a story…be sure it can go viral.

In other words, if you make people buy your paper to read it, you’re never going to make it in today’s marketplace. And it’s always about the story.

There’s a huge desire for news. By pulling back from the audience, the paywall police are doing it wrong.


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