In the era of instant, it’s about the complete opposite. You want it now, but in order for it to last you’ve got to wait to start, to gain experience, and you’ve got to keep at it with no obvious chance of success in sight.

So elite college grads go for safety, soul-draining, high-paying jobs on Wall Street, and the poor want instant acclaim. And it’s only the lifers who last.

If you’ve got nothing to say, no one’s gonna want to hear it, at least not for long.


There’s a story in the newspaper about a live stage version of the movie “Point Break.” I’m sure the actors and creators are congratulating themselves. But few people will ever see the production. And there will be very little money. So I hope they’re doing it for the fun of it, because there’s not that much more. Oh, you could get noticed by producer bigwigs and move up the food chain, but this is the bane of indie movie producers. You make something meaningful and then you want to make “Iron Man”?


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