Have left the public conversation. That’s what’s killing everything but the blockbusters. Used to be you had to go see the flicks so you could discuss them at parties. For all the publicity about “Blue Jasmine,” nowhere I go is anybody talking about it. It appears it’s a press story, kind of like Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s banjo folk tour.

People talk about television because it’s accessible. Music doesn’t last because it’s too accessible. Your track can be trumped by another with a click. We’re all grazers looking for something superior and spending more time in transit than at our desired location.


Are mature. It doesn’t matter whether you use Android or Apple, they both do the same thing. They’ve become commoditized. Future breakthroughs will not be in mobile phones but in another, heretofore unseen area. In other words, if your phone has LTE, you may not need to upgrade for years. Which is kind of what killed computers. You had to have the latest and greatest chip and more RAM to utilize the new applications, and now what you own is good enough and you’d rather not spend the money.

If you’re still excited by mobile phones, you probably can talk for an hour on bathtubs.


I wish I were born yesterday, so this present, cacophonous world, was all I knew. A baby boomer didn’t realize three networks and needing to go to the theatre to see a movie were restrictions. We liked cable and VCRs, but now we’re stuck, lamenting the passage of the good old days, the seventies movies and the seventies records. And we want to be hip and glom on to what’s new, but we just don’t know how to play. How do you make sense of a world with endless choices?


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