That’s what the artists used to have. That’s what they’re leaving on the table. It’s as if Napster was started by the Fortune 500, in order to divert artists from their true calling, delineating the human condition and wielding the sheer numbers of their audience to exact change.

But that’s the Internet age. Wherein everything is thrown against the wall and very little sticks but that which does lasts forever.

Sure, money is power. But if you pursue it and it only…you end up with your bank or your corporation or your daddy’s business, paying lobbyists to ensure your future, when the real power lies with those who put up roadblocks in your way.

In other words, you can learn a lot about the game by watching “House Of Cards.” Just like Mike Ovitz educated his troops with Sun Tzu’s “Art Of War.” If you don’t study the game, you can never win. But Ovitz made a mistake, he tried to be bigger than he was, someone he was not groomed to be. Ovitz was an operator who specialized in extracting spoils from the manufacturers of entertainment. Put him in as number two on the other side of the aisle and not only does he fail, he’s forgotten. Because it’s not what’s in front of you that will kill you, but what’s behind. While you’re playing to your “fans,” everybody you screwed on the way up is out to get you, it’s the way of the game.

And “House Of Cards” is no “Sopranos.” It’s one-dimensional. It’s about the story of power, not nuance. Sure, there’s some evidence of the human condition, but really it’s a cold, hard look at the sausage factory. Almost too scary to watch. You think you want to screw Robin Wright, because you’ve seen her visage on TV, but she’s a cold-hearted bitch.


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