Summer – Money is Forgotten – It’s 2013 – Getting Older


Is highly-anticipated and then it wanes.

All the good thinking is done in the fall, after we’ve gotten our ya-yas out. When the days get shorter and the nights get cooler and we don a sweater and spend time indoors, reading, watching…


David Geffen did an interview in “Fortune.” It’s behind a paywall, so it got no traction. But the most interesting thing he said was how Bill Paley had been forgotten. Everybody with money has been forgotten. So enjoy it while you’re here, because there will be no lasting monument, unless you give your alma mater a hundred million and then students will know nothing but your name, they’ll have no idea what you did.

Art can last. But very little of it does.
IT’S 2013

And they still don’t call it the “teens.” I don’t know what they’re waiting for. But it’s almost fifteen years since the beginning of the new millennium. Classic rock music is even further behind us in the rearview mirror. Today’s youngsters don’t remember the eighties, never mind the seventies.


You can’t remember who’s alive or dead. So much time has passed that your memory is clouded, if it can be penetrated at all. But they say those who let go of the past live longer, let that be your prescription.


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