Another Tooth Bytes the Dust

Getting old is not pretty.

And it’s pretty damn weird.

So many of those albums I drooled over in the sixties and seventies will never be heard again. Certainly not after I die. Yes, you’ve got a better chance of lasting if you’re an artist, but that does not ensure longevity.

Kind of like this summer’s movies. I read a great article about them. How you can’t even remember this summer’s hits! It’s not a whole hell of a lot different in the music business. Top Forty songs are fodder, they go up the chart, fall off, and deleting them from your hard drive is even easier than trashing the physical product. Then again, with streaming you never have to own it, you’ve got no investment, so if you abandon a record or an act…c’est la vie!

But when you’re younger everything’s so damn important. You’re still figuring out how the world works. It’s all brand new. Then it gets old, and you die. Would it be different if we lived to 120? Would the arc change, would we still be invested in the evanescent or…

The bottom line is you age and your body just can’t do it anymore, never mind your mind. You’ve got aches and pains. And the reason the original band can’t get back together is someone is sick. It’s like we’re all Yugos, built to fall apart, in a zillion different ways. And some people can’t even afford a mechanic.

So I’m trying to figure out where I’m going. I ain’t got time to waste. And there are plenty of people doing just that. What’s important? 

You were expecting something about the tooth… TOMORROW..TOMORROW


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