The TOOTH(s)

And I was contemplating all this when I noticed a sensitivity in my tooth.

Huh? Another one? I’m still not sure the one on the left side, fixed is copacetic. I’ve been chewing on the right side and then…when I brushed my teeth the cold water made me jump. When I ground my teeth…I got sensitivity. But I’m a hearty chap, I can tolerate pain. But when I was eating a salad for dinner last night and got the pain, and it returned when I went to brush my teeth, I wondered…did I need to do something about this?

I’m the king of anxiety. Is this just a fantasy, psychosomatic pain, that is here today and will go away?

That’s what I want to believe. I want to believe there’s never anything wrong, and if I just tough it out, I’ll prove it.  But that’s gotten me into a lot of trouble.

So I bounce between being unable to sleep, staying up until the crack of dawn when I can call the dentist, or forgetting about the whole damn thing.

The dentist… I became completely paralyzed. But when I crunched on a piece of cauliflower at Whole Foods and got the pain I felt I needed to do something. But I couldn’t. So I called my daughter . Her issues are completely different. She can be calm, cool and collected. She said she’d go to the dentist.

So I decided to do this. – At quarter to four on a Friday afternoon.

He couldn’t see me today. – And he doesn’t work on Monday.

I’m solidly booked on Tuesday. – Could I come at . .. . . (CONTD.)


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