Twitter someone second opinion..

+There are those who fan the flames of cool, the young ‘uns, are always on the hunt for the latest and the greatest, moving on to new social networks their parents are unaware of, only to abandon them when they fall out of favor, or when everybody else is there, or lose their cred.

Do we need a real time news service? One in which we can learn the comings and goings of those we’re interested in and facts from the street from the millions of reporters that the traditional media industry cannot provide?


So you’ll find out the world ended first on Twitter. But you won’t get any analysis. That’s hard to do in 140 characters.

You might even find out your favorite singer got hitched or busted or smashed his or her car in a DUI. Call it the blockbuster mentality. We’re not interested in what most people do, only a few.

Facebook was cool for a minute because you could hook up with those you’d lost touch with and burnish your own self-image, trying to tell your high school buddies you’d won. But then you realized that once you graduated, no one really cared. As a result, it’s only a hard core who are Facebooking today.

And there’s only a hard core who are tweeting. I’ve about given up. Because unless I reach deep down inside, try to be witty and viral all the time, unless I consider it my job, almost nothing I have to say will be seen by almost anybody, and it’s just too frustrating to continue.

Yes, Twitter is the new reality TV, only with a lot fewer viewers and not even scale pay.

The Internet has turned into a giant game that everybody’s trying to win at and few can. Remember when everybody was gonna have a Webpage, then a blog? How long do you think they’re gonna be interested in Tumblr or Pinterest? Remember how long lasted?

So I won’t say there’s nothing there at Twitter. There is a kernel. A nugget. But following people is time-consuming, and ever less fulfilling. As for participating yourself, why would you?


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