You Wanna Own It – HYPE

MakeMoneySignThat’s what’s wrong with today’s marketing, it doesn’t allow for percolation, it doesn’t allow for growth, it believes the instant smash is more powerful than the long term build, that if everybody knows your name right away you’ve made it, when just the opposite is true. HYPE

They call it the NEWSpaper. And if there’s no news, they don’t write about it. And the web is even worse, some stories don’t even last a day. They want the now. HYPE

Let’s look at the Video Music Awards. But I dare you to name last year’s winners. Hell, I dare you to name this summer’s blockbuster movies. Both were the beneficiaries of hype.

Then there’s that story in the “New York Times,” saying YouTube/Internet is the new MTV. Yeah, if you want to have a momentary hit. But last summer’s “stars” are already done, and if you believe Carly Rae Jepsen and PSY are coming back you’re making Eggs Benedict with year-old English muffins. OLD HYPE

How did we get here? HYPE

The money. That’s the ultimate arbiter today, how much you’ve got – HYPE


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