Happy Thanksgiving your pop up timer !

Happy Thanksgiving.


I’m happy to see you!


I Want TO …



To connect
To participate
To know what our favorite celebrities are up to
To have access
To know someone is reading our complaint to the corporation
To put in little to get out a lot
To hate advertisements…..yet we watch them
To know what’s important. Filters are everything
To have information we can use. The more DRIVE, the less we pay attention
To believe the social media site is on the same side as us, since we’re providing all the content, that it’s just not a Wall Street play.

To go where everyone else goes.

We want to go where everyone else goes. We’re in an era where we’re gravitating to the bigger and bigger, those playing for all the marbles.  It makes the world coherent, it makes people feel connected. It makes them happy.Dont go there

If you don’t strive for dominance and maintain your position, you’re doomed. Facebook, it’s the dominant social network. It keeps reinvesting. It doesn’t want to be left behind. It purchases Instagram. It keeps integrating elements invented elsewhere. It strives to be the only place we want to go, because our friends are there!

Google. It’s the only search engine. There’s no need to go where everyone else goes or anywhere else. Google understands dominance.  Apple used to too. That was the key to the success of the iPod. It was the ONLY music player.

If you’re a profitable niche act, and you’re happy, more power to you, but if you want to go mainstream, if you want everybody to be aware of you, that’s a much bigger hurdle. In other words, while you sit at home railing against the state of pop music, saying this and that band is better, it proves you don’t understand the game. Sure, some people want to go to the small show, but most want to go to the big one, with the major act, which is one of the reasons the club business has died.

Cherry Cake – Recipie

I NEVER do recipes here… WELL… I guess there is a FIRST for everything.  This is a CHERRY ANGEL FOOD cake…TO DIE FOR…. and for all you cooks that want it EASY!

Apple Angelfood

2 SIMPLE ingredients:

21 oz. can of apple (or fruit of your choice) pie filling and

1 box of angel food cake mix (you MUST use the ONE-STEP (the kind that only requires water)

Mix the 2 ingredients together (the dry packet of cake mix and the un-drained can of fruit/filling)

Pour in a greased 9×13 pan or dish and bake for about 20 minutes at 350 (or according to baking directions on the box).






We want to GO……..


We want to go where everybody else goes.

Seems like they want to redesign the Dodger Dog, the hot dog staple served since 1958 that has not changed because the Texas Rangers have a two pound concoction and Atlanta has a hot dog with coleslaw and pulled pork.

Pandora’s problem is it’s a one trick pony. Apple doesn’t need iTunes to be profitable, it’s just one element of its portfolio. Pandora does have reach, but my point is despite all this hoopla about niche, turns out we’re moving towards an era of dominance.

It’s already happened in movies. The studios make fewer than ever. They’ve closed their indie divisions. All they want is blockbusters. Know why? That’s all the public is interested in seeing! Despite all the boomers saying there’s nothing to see, the truth is they don’t go, they’d rather stay home. Which is one of the reasons we’re in a new golden age of television.

But it’s not only in movies, but music. We know who Miley Cyrus is, to the point that even Sinead O’Connor and Amanda Palmer are weighing in on her, but we don’t know much more than the Top Ten, because that’s all most people are interested in.

It’s human nature. We want to feel part of society. We want to be able to go to a party and have a conversation, we want points of commonality, and the enterprises that figure this out will win in the future.


Techies and the Workers who is getting RICH

box gloves


The Techies verse the Workers. Who is getting RICH. We paid attention to Steve Jobs because he came back, he was not a one trick pony. It’d be like Neil Diamond reinventing himself as a deejay. Instead we’re just proffered false gods. An endless supply of them. Especially money-grubbing techies who claim to be changing the world, but just want to get rich.

Meanwhile, we’re getting poorer and poorer.

I think we want to be able to have a conversation, we want to belong and we can talk about what we ate and saw and feel a member of the tribe.

And I could tell you where it’s going, but I’m not exactly sure, other than it’s going to get worse, winners and losers in all walks of life. First it was the CEOs versus the workers. Then the bankers versus the workers. Then the techies versus the workers. One group got rich, and was venerated in the press, and the other group was pushed down and forgotten, given social media as a way to make them feel empowered when the truth was nothing of the sort.

And now I’m rambling.

But am I the only one confused?

The only one who believed in the possibility of the Internet but is now frustrated that I’m left even further behind, and that the winners are the usual suspects and the hucksters and a thin layer of innovators?

I’m stuck in the middle with you.

And we have power.

But mostly, I just want to communicate.



What we learned from Twitter (well maybe)

What we learned with Twitter was we all wanted to get a say, to feel like we belonged. But the focus was on the ratings of live events, all the writing was about the comeback of awards shows, as if they were somehow better. But they were the only things we could all talk about.

So Twitter is lionized, but this incomprehensible service really just told us that we’re all alone and want to belong.

And we’re sold false gods like Sheryl Sandberg. Who taught us that a smart, aggressive woman could leverage her assets and work at the flavor of the moment, i.e. Facebook. But if Facebook craters, or at least stalls, is her opinion still worth paying attention to?

I’d say not. I’d say it was not worth paying attention to in the first place.

We paid attention to Steve Jobs because he came back, he was not a one trick pony. It’d be like Neil Diamond reinventing himself as a deejay, and challenging Tiesto for worldwide domination.

Instead we’re just proffered false gods. An endless supply of them. Especially money-grubbing techies who claim to be changing the world, but just want to get rich.

Meanwhile, we’re getting poorer and poorer.So I’m frustrated, overwhelmed, and might I even say a tad bit depressed.

Because I just don’t see my own personal path.

I’m not a cutthroat businessman. I could never be Jeff Bezos, I couldn’t screw that many people.So let me just say we’re all in the same boat. We all want to be rich, we all want a plethora of friends. But we realize what we’ve been sold is a bill of goods. Facebook didn’t make us any happier, didn’t make us feel we belonged, certainly not after a couple of years of posting. And Twitter gave us the illusion of being heard, but then we found out no one was listening. And musicians decrying the evisceration of their business model didn’t realize the true problem was not monetization, but the inability to pierce the public consciousness, to break through all the marketing messages.



All this focus on social networks has been about money, i.e. ads, going public, but there’s been very little focus on what it feels like to be a member of society today.

Or not.

There’s this illusion since every rapper has a posse and every person has a social media presence that we’ve all got a large group of friends, but the truth is many are still lonely.

This is not an anti-Internet screed. I believe technology has been a godsend for the isolated, you can pursue your interests without leaving the house. But as we journey into the teens, I’m completely flummoxed as to my place in society.

I am not one of the rich.

And forget about the lifestyle, I’m locked out of the loop regarding power. That’s what money brings today. The ability to influence, to change or reinforce the rules of the game. I.e. hedge funds’ perpetuation of the carried interest rule. The fact that many readers have no idea what I’m talking about is exactly the point.

Let’s just say the rich are getting richer. And there’s this fantasy that the poor can get rich too. Statistics tell us otherwise, the American Dream looms larger in Europe, but many have now become disenchanted. It’s not only college students who cannot get a job, but Gen-X’ers and baby boomers who are scratching their heads also. Media has been influenced by the 1%. Everybody’s a winner. So why am I not? And what can I do about it?

And despite all the so-called disruption, the reinforcement of old models is a roadblock I did not see coming. You were supposed to be truly innovative and then the democratic web would rise you above via virality and you’d be a newly-minted star. But the truth is with everybody attempting this, those backed by cash and publicity are triumphing, it’s even worse than it was in the nineties. Wannabes were excluded then, but there were more stars, and a middle class not on MTV. Today we’ve got a thin layer of superstars and then a plethora of unknowns.

My SHARED Birthday

TODAY I CONSIDER the FOLLOWING….as TODAY is My birthday (and my lovely daughter – but she’s too young for this list)

~My kids are becoming me……but MY grandchildren will be perfect!
~Going out is good.. Coming home is better!
~I forget names…. But it’s OK because other people forgot they even knew me!!!
~I realize I’m never going to be really good at anything…. especially golf.
~The things I used to care to do, I no longer care to do, but I really do care that I don’t care to do them anymore.
~I sleep better on a lounge chair with the TV blaring than in bed. It’s called “pre-sleep”.
~I miss the days when everything worked with just an “ON” and “OFF” switch..
~I tend to use more 4 letter words … “what?”…”when?”…” ???
~Now that I can afford expensive jewelry, it’s not safe to wear it anywhere.
~I notice everything they sell in stores is “sleeveless”?!!!
~What used to be freckles are now liver spots.
~Everybody whispers.
~I have 3 sizes of clothes in my closet…. 2 of which I will never wear.

 ~~~But Old is good in some things: Old Songs, Old movies, and best of all, OLD FRIENDS!!

It’s Not What I Gather, But What I Scatter That Tells What Kind Of Life I Have Lived.

WELCOME TO 63 or as Suzuki would calculate….”9” years old (6+3)
AngelFood Birthday Cake

My deal

Here’s my deal. Pay my rate, fly me in the front of the plane, and I’ll pretty much go anywhere. Because life is short and I want to experience it all. Sure, you can sit at home and go anywhere and everywhere on the Net, but it’s not like being there. Travel makes you feel so alive, so invigorated.

It’s the little things.

AND… it’s MY DEAL!