Crowd-funding, Money, Obamacare

Peaked. You hardly even hear about it anymore. Another Internet fad that didn’t live up to its promise.
It all depends on the excitement of benefactors. Right now, they’re elsewhere, and too many are disappointed what they funded did not come to be, or did not meet their standards. Furthermore, those who raised money found out they could fund their project, but could not increase their visibility.

We have no need for another search engine unless it’s demonstrably better. So far, no one’s done search better than Google, there’s no need to go to Bing. This war’s been fought.

Illustrates how Wall Street is out of touch. Dropouts galore, but the Street can only talk about money. Tweeting is akin to calling for your mommy at Yankee Stadium.
As for the Stadium, we’re all interested in stars. So the most popular on Twitter have an audience, no one wants to hear the musings of the wannabe.

Is populated by those who post incessantly and grazers…and dropouts. It’s somewhere you used to go  that you occasionally visit, fearful you’re missing out on something, but you’ve got no allegiance.

Is about manufacturing efficiencies. It killed Sony and put a dent in Apple’s handset business. Samsung is where products go to be commoditized. It never successfully leads, only follows. He who follows must have the best systems. Right now, Samsung does.

Is evil. Read Brad Stone’s book for further education. Oh, that’s right, you don’t read, you’d rather bloviate, just like the content industries who served their business up to Amazon not knowing the company’s business model, which is to engulf and devour, to dominate and then extract price and billing concessions and raise prices to users.

Be afraid, be very afraid.And stop talking about competition on the web, there is none. Just a dominant player who eats all comers, who can lower prices to put others out of business, and raise them when they dominate.

Has an online problem. iHeart Radio is no competition for Pandora, iTunes Radio and Spotify. Our problem isn’t being able to listen to lame terrestrial radio online, but our inability to escape the plethora of commercials to hear what must be heard. Clear Channel is doomed unless it changes its name. People will love it as soon as they love Ticketmaster, which is never.

He who knows the most wins. Ignorance is rampant. Don’t side with those with the biggest bullhorn, research and make your own decisions.

Forget that the website doesn’t work well, the Administration has done an awful job of explaining exactly what it is and how it works. Porn sites have better FAQs than the Affordable Care Act. The Administration should stop fighting Republicans and try reaching out to the public/customers. As for the press…it too is complicit in this fiasco. It’s like arguing over whether airplanes should have escape slides, citing the dangers of those who utilize them, without explaining to passengers why they need them and how to use them.


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