Twitter…. Twitter…. Twitter

In other words, what kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where not only does tech steal our money, but our thunder too? Where the geeks know marketing better than the entertainment pros?
Unlike the music business, Twitter realized it had to build a base. Do we really care about the left field twits the labels promote on a regular basis? They’re so young they don’t even have pubes, and they come and go in a flash. Whereas Twitter percolated in the market for years. It burbled underground, gaining adherents and causing the curious to kick the tires and play.
And when it hit critical mass, it went public. And going public is all about money, it’s got very little to do with the enterprise at hand, especially today, where the sideshow has become the main show.
First there was the drama. Who started it, who ran it, what’s the backstory?
Is Jack Dorsey an evil genius backstabber or the next Silicon Valley hope?
The story was timed to peak just before the stock went public. With a new book, excerpted in the “New York Times Magazine” no less. But unlike in music, where the “Magazine” is the linchpin, if not the entire edifice of the campaign, the “New York Times” Twitter story was just an element of the conflagration, details for those who go deep. You provide data for those who truly care, who then talk about a subject and grow it. This is what the music business does at a very elite level. It gets the Miley story in “Rolling Stone.”
But unlike Miley, Twitter reigns on! People are tweeting as we speak. Millions of them. Product. Who cares if Twitter is good or bad? Just like Katy and Gaga and Miley. If you’re talking about them, they’re making money. Hate is as good as love. Haters were out in force in the Twitter going public story. Naysayers are rampant in the money game. The WSJ even wrote a whole damn story why you shouldn’t invest in Twitter, just index funds, because despite all the press, the game is not for amateurs, but pros. But somehow, via publicity/marketing, Twitter got us all to care.
And now the company’s got this insane valuation. Which is never gonna last. Because most people can’t figure out how to use the service and never will.


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