What we learned from Twitter (well maybe)

What we learned with Twitter was we all wanted to get a say, to feel like we belonged. But the focus was on the ratings of live events, all the writing was about the comeback of awards shows, as if they were somehow better. But they were the only things we could all talk about.

So Twitter is lionized, but this incomprehensible service really just told us that we’re all alone and want to belong.

And we’re sold false gods like Sheryl Sandberg. Who taught us that a smart, aggressive woman could leverage her assets and work at the flavor of the moment, i.e. Facebook. But if Facebook craters, or at least stalls, is her opinion still worth paying attention to?

I’d say not. I’d say it was not worth paying attention to in the first place.

We paid attention to Steve Jobs because he came back, he was not a one trick pony. It’d be like Neil Diamond reinventing himself as a deejay, and challenging Tiesto for worldwide domination.

Instead we’re just proffered false gods. An endless supply of them. Especially money-grubbing techies who claim to be changing the world, but just want to get rich.

Meanwhile, we’re getting poorer and poorer.So I’m frustrated, overwhelmed, and might I even say a tad bit depressed.

Because I just don’t see my own personal path.

I’m not a cutthroat businessman. I could never be Jeff Bezos, I couldn’t screw that many people.So let me just say we’re all in the same boat. We all want to be rich, we all want a plethora of friends. But we realize what we’ve been sold is a bill of goods. Facebook didn’t make us any happier, didn’t make us feel we belonged, certainly not after a couple of years of posting. And Twitter gave us the illusion of being heard, but then we found out no one was listening. And musicians decrying the evisceration of their business model didn’t realize the true problem was not monetization, but the inability to pierce the public consciousness, to break through all the marketing messages.


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