Techies and the Workers who is getting RICH

box gloves


The Techies verse the Workers. Who is getting RICH. We paid attention to Steve Jobs because he came back, he was not a one trick pony. It’d be like Neil Diamond reinventing himself as a deejay. Instead we’re just proffered false gods. An endless supply of them. Especially money-grubbing techies who claim to be changing the world, but just want to get rich.

Meanwhile, we’re getting poorer and poorer.

I think we want to be able to have a conversation, we want to belong and we can talk about what we ate and saw and feel a member of the tribe.

And I could tell you where it’s going, but I’m not exactly sure, other than it’s going to get worse, winners and losers in all walks of life. First it was the CEOs versus the workers. Then the bankers versus the workers. Then the techies versus the workers. One group got rich, and was venerated in the press, and the other group was pushed down and forgotten, given social media as a way to make them feel empowered when the truth was nothing of the sort.

And now I’m rambling.

But am I the only one confused?

The only one who believed in the possibility of the Internet but is now frustrated that I’m left even further behind, and that the winners are the usual suspects and the hucksters and a thin layer of innovators?

I’m stuck in the middle with you.

And we have power.

But mostly, I just want to communicate.




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