We want to GO……..


We want to go where everybody else goes.

Seems like they want to redesign the Dodger Dog, the hot dog staple served since 1958 that has not changed because the Texas Rangers have a two pound concoction and Atlanta has a hot dog with coleslaw and pulled pork.

Pandora’s problem is it’s a one trick pony. Apple doesn’t need iTunes to be profitable, it’s just one element of its portfolio. Pandora does have reach, but my point is despite all this hoopla about niche, turns out we’re moving towards an era of dominance.

It’s already happened in movies. The studios make fewer than ever. They’ve closed their indie divisions. All they want is blockbusters. Know why? That’s all the public is interested in seeing! Despite all the boomers saying there’s nothing to see, the truth is they don’t go, they’d rather stay home. Which is one of the reasons we’re in a new golden age of television.

But it’s not only in movies, but music. We know who Miley Cyrus is, to the point that even Sinead O’Connor and Amanda Palmer are weighing in on her, but we don’t know much more than the Top Ten, because that’s all most people are interested in.

It’s human nature. We want to feel part of society. We want to be able to go to a party and have a conversation, we want points of commonality, and the enterprises that figure this out will win in the future.



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