To go where everyone else goes.

We want to go where everyone else goes. We’re in an era where we’re gravitating to the bigger and bigger, those playing for all the marbles.  It makes the world coherent, it makes people feel connected. It makes them happy.Dont go there

If you don’t strive for dominance and maintain your position, you’re doomed. Facebook, it’s the dominant social network. It keeps reinvesting. It doesn’t want to be left behind. It purchases Instagram. It keeps integrating elements invented elsewhere. It strives to be the only place we want to go, because our friends are there!

Google. It’s the only search engine. There’s no need to go where everyone else goes or anywhere else. Google understands dominance.  Apple used to too. That was the key to the success of the iPod. It was the ONLY music player.

If you’re a profitable niche act, and you’re happy, more power to you, but if you want to go mainstream, if you want everybody to be aware of you, that’s a much bigger hurdle. In other words, while you sit at home railing against the state of pop music, saying this and that band is better, it proves you don’t understand the game. Sure, some people want to go to the small show, but most want to go to the big one, with the major act, which is one of the reasons the club business has died.


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