The Internet is maturing.

YES, the Internet is maturing.
Internet maturing
What does that mean? Stunts will be scarce and the odds of going from obscurity to fame are dropping ever lower.

Remember when record labels used to sponsor YouTube contests? Those evaporated. You can’t ask people to make clips for a small prize when they’re too busy uploading their own concoctions in an effort to become famous themselves. But it’s worse than that…you just can’t get the message out.

Kind of like documentaries. Now everybody’s got one. Not a week goes by without someone hawking their new one. Who’s going to watch all these? Probably nobody, just like all those songs that are never downloaded on iTunes. Oh, you can post your stuff online, that does not mean anybody will see it.

This is not the way it was supposed to be. The Internet was supposed to level the playing field and give everybody a chance to play. Oh, we can all now play, but alone. The Internet now resembles America at large, the rich get richer and the middle class evaporates and the poor don’t matter. SO…. The Internet is maturing.


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