Commercials are funnier that the Program

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where the commercials are funnier than the program?


One in which Miley Cyrus radiates such intelligence that she blows away the rest of the show.

I’m loath to write about Ms. Cyrus one more time, I don’t want to be one of those bandwagoneers who use her for momentary fame, like Sinead O’Connor, who is truly the poster girl for mental illness, did you see her face tattoos? Ink has been crawling up the neck for about a decade, but once it migrates to your punim you’ve completely lost the plot, you’ve shown that you’ve got no desire to be part of society, or you’re shrieking for help.

I feel sorry for Ms. O’Connor, who spoke the truth to Ms. Cyrus, saying that the music industry is a sausage factory, but why was she so surprised that Miley tweeted back, Sinead’s got kids of her own, and one thing we know for sure is at twenty you believe you know everything and radiate a force field reflecting all constructive input.

But until the country revolts against income inequality, expect pop stars to reign. Pop never leads, it follows. It takes the best and the brightest to lead and those people left the building long ago, because music’s not where the money is.

And it’s all about money. Otherwise SNL would do skits about the bleeding edge and force its audience to pay attention and investigate. But the program can’t afford a dip in ratings, no risk is involved in a show that hasn’t changed in nearly forty years.

But it was great once, just like the music that inspired it and was featured on it.

But that was a long time ago.

To the point where tonight the biggest star was the guest host, she blew everybody off the stage, if they were smart they’d beg her to be regular cast member.

P.S. The Ron Burgundy Chrysler spot and State Farm airplane/BBQ grill commercial were more innovative than anything on SNL. Sure, it’s harder to do it live, but the way out is by taking chances, which people do online every day but SNL refuses to do.


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