Social Media

Social media is no match for word of mouth. They can be one and the same, but frequently are not, consumers know the difference between what is hype and what is genuine.


Privacy is everything. Especially in the wake of Snowden and the NSA. If there are controls, they must be easily accessed and understood and not constantly updated in a cat and mouse battle ensuring the site is profitable and the customer is hoodwinked.

Just because you have our ear, that does not mean we’re interested in everything you have to say or sell.

Photos are almost as important as text, because they convey a humanity and realness text cannot.

E-mail is more powerful than ever, which is why corporations/e-mailers are complaining about Google’s new Gmail filters.

Quantifications end up being meaningless, because the system is being gamed. Look to results, not the number of likes and followers. In other words, you can have a ton of likes but sell no product.

Social media is subsidiary to the product. If the product is good enough, the minions will spread the word via social media. You don’t need a social media plan if your product is good enough. However, if it’s a physical product as opposed to an Internet service, seeding tastemakers with it pays dividends, this is how Samsung has made inroads in mobile.

The biggest tech companies have the smallest social media footprint. I.e. Google and Apple are already online, they lead with their product, their goal is to get you to go to their site as opposed to trumpeting how good they are on other sites.


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