Innovation and Change

Used to be we were all thrilled by the next innovation and change. innovation_change

First it was e-mail, then it was texting. Along the way we burned through jokes and online greeting cards and MySpace. Now we’re left with Facebook and Twitter and there are new services but none of them seem to reach critical mass, none of them seem to be used by everybody, because the public is fatigued. That’s the number one problem facing both Facebook and Twitter, fatigue. After you’ve posted your history to Facebook, where you went to school, who you married and pictures of your progeny, the thrill is gone, especially when you realize fewer are paying attention, that only a small core care. But it’s even worse on Twitter. If you’re a nobody on Twitter, you’re truly nowhere. And now no one goes from no followers to many unless they’re already famous offline. Never mind all the stories about fake followers, even Obama, you see people sign up for Twitter and abandon the service.

Not that you’d expect Wall Street to take notice, not that nobody plays anymore. But the excitement of these services was built on the fantasy that everybody had an equal voice, but that turned out to be just a fantasy a fantasy of innovation and change.

Meanwhile, we’re all overloaded with input. A mentally ill maniac shoots up a Naval Yard and days later it’s gone from the news. Miley Cyrus will have her moment of fame and then drop off the face of the earth like every teen star before her, she thinks it’s forever, we’ve seen New Kids On The Block.

And even if you’ve been a star for decades the new reality is harsh. No one cares about Elton John’s new album other than those beholden to his handlers. Yes, the press trumpets it but there’s no audience for it. Youngsters don’t care and oldsters have already got enough Elton. Meanwhile, his voice is a shadow of what it once was and do we really expect him to be as great as he was in the seventies?

Where is innovation and change?


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