Social Media

No one reads comments. Not on YouTube, not on the Huffington Post. Comments allow the commenter to feel good about himself, seeing his name on screen, but the end effect is essentially meaningless. As for the quantity of comments…ask yourself, have you ever commented? Only those without power and too much time on their hands comment online.


We’re inured to the new. So we’re always looking for social networks. Furthermore, social networks might not be the next big thing. We assume we can connect with everybody, who will provide the next step?

Interface counts. MySpace was killed because of its lousy one and Twitter still hasn’t come up with a reasonable one understandable by many.

We’ve got social media fatigue. People have seen the movie, they don’t need the new site, they don’t need to waste more time. Yes, teenagers with too much time on their hands living in the hothouse of school will search for the new, but… It’s just like there are people hunting the new in music, yet most people are satisfied letting others do the legwork, only paying attention when something reaches critical mass.

Just because Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook that does not make him an expert on anything other than Facebook.

Social media is now a feature, like a spell-checker. Once upon a time, spell-check was a separate program you paid extra for, then it was integrated into Microsoft Office and other word processing programs.

Social media is here to stay. But not on multiple platforms. There will be a consolidation, a migration to a very few, which just might be integrated into other, larger businesses.

The thrill is gone. We know we can connect, but can you affect our regular human everyday lives? That’s where the frontier is, making us feel better about ourselves and our existence when we’re not tethered to the computer, tablet or phone.


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