The Hater – Part 2

Hatericon6. Don’t change who you are.

Then the terrorists have won. Oops, then the haters have won. I’m not saying you can’t learn anything from your critics, but the more successful you become, the more hating you’re subjected to, and the natural response is to pull back. Don’t do that. Then the essence of your art is eviscerated. People love you for that essence. Change for the haters and you’re disappointing the lovers.

7. Have a sense of humor.

We all have a tone of voice. We all have expressions we employ. We don’t like them to be pointed out, we don’t like to be reminded of them, but it’s the nature of society. If you can’t laugh at yourself, life is gonna be tough. Then again, there’s no need to fall upon your sword in the face of a tsunami of hate. Laugh, then have a backbone. Because your backbone is part of your appeal.

8. Understand the hater mentality.

They want to drag you down into the hole they’re in. If you succumb, they stop hating, they’ve made you irrelevant and go on to hating someone else. Hating is not about you, but a frustration embodied in the hater that he or she is not beautiful, successful, winning, whatever. That’s all they’ve got, their hate. You’ve got so much more.

9. Vitriol is no response.

If you must respond, and as #1 states, you never should, so you’re breaking the number one rule, don’t use expletives and don’t shout. Twist your language and become sarcastic, stating that the hater is correct, ultimately neutralizing the hate. Or embrace the hate and acknowledge it, yes, I’m a worthless human being with no reason to exist, thanks for pointing that out. The hater is looking for a fight, if you’re not fighting, they move on to someone else.

10. Hate is invisible until you amplify it.

Not many people watch Jimmy Kimmel. Most were unaware of Kanye’s fashion comments. But by reaching out and responding to the “hate,” Kanye made everybody aware of his inane statements. It hurts when you see the hate, it’s personal, but it’s not personal to anyone else and almost everybody else ignores it. Yes, Google might tell you you’re an idiot, but who else is Googling your name?


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