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“Saturday Night Fever.” Because that’s how good the Bee Gees songs were. Come on, have you ever heard “Stayin’ Alive”? How about “I Want To Hold Your Hand” or “Satisfaction”? All sounded completely unlike what had come before. They were novel and inspirational. With attitude.

That’s what made “Royals” such a hit, the attitude, as well as the sound. Same deal with the Avicii track “Wake Me Up.” Music is like a Balkanized nation where we’re so busy fighting in our own backyard that we can’t see that there’s a whole world out there. Ubiquity – Where Everybody knows. We should unite and promote the great hits of our day to those not paying attention.

Instead – we’ve got country music singing about church, babies and brands. Who in their right mind would care about that? When you shoot so low, most people shrug their shoulders and tune out. We’ve got to shoot higher.


I like smart people.

I like smart people. I like to learn something.
Which is why I don’t watch TV singing competitions, where no one goes on to glory and it’s only about the ratings and I’m more interested in seeing “Shark Tank.”

That’s today’s world. Used to be everybody wanted to be a musician and have a hit record, today everybody wants to be an entrepreneur and go on “Shark Tank” and get an investment.

But they’re oftentimes so uninformed, they can’t possibly be successful. But unlike in music, the sharks tell the truth.

Kinda like the balloon guy last Friday night. A shark asked…”How can I make money on this?”

But smart people never take their eye from the prize, they know it’s not about feelings, but winning.
I read about the man that started – Coindesk. – Huh? – Not another Bitcoin story!

I don’t understand but during the conversation rather than change the subject, I had my friend explain.

And I got it. But no one in the media gets it. They’re too busy speaking of the seesawing value.

But today on the “New York Times” site Marc Andreesen lays out an explanation that will have your eyes bugging out. Not only does he answer all your questions, he illustrates opportunities. Not only is a digital currency coming, he believes it’s too late to stop the Bitcoin train. Kind of like Spotify has such a big lead that despite its imperfections…it probably can’t be beaten.

But this is why tech has become so exciting.

But it wasn’t only today’s article, at the beginning of the month Andreesen went on record in the “Wall Street Journal” that there is no tech bubble:

AND I like smart people.

People Want to Belong Series – Music

Music – People Want To Belong Series

Continuing The People Want to Belong Series – Music

Music has a power no other medium possesses. It’s hotter than film or TV, but it’s become a backwater because those involved in making it and selling it don’t respect it. If you don’t believe in it, how do you expect anybody else to do so? Music is only trumped by sex, and many people have sex to music, very few want to get laid to episodic television.

Ahhhhh, the People’s Choice Awards. We don’t want to know what the public thinks, we want to know what the talented think. We don’t want Scorsese and Spielberg to make films by committee and we don’t want our musical stars to do so either. Did Jimmy Page put his finger to the public wind to decide what kind of music Led Zeppelin should make? Of course not, because people don’t know what they want, giving people what they want is artistic death, cultural bankruptcy, art is about opening eyes and ears, both reflecting the human condition and liberating people from it. We’ve got to head into the wilderness to regain our purchase upon the public pysche.


People Want To Belong

People Want to Belong We’re tribal, we abhor a vacuum, how can you make us believe in you?

The lesson of the Internet age is that traditional media may not reach the target audience. In other words, just because it’s in the newspaper, that does not mean everybody knows about it.

 Even worse, just because it’s on TV, that does not mean everybody’s seen it. Individual television rankings have been tanking ever since the advent of cable television, your jaw would drop if you knew how lousy the ratings for “Breaking Bad” were, despite all the press plaudits.

 Furthermore, it took years to achieve this level of press success. Bottom line, most people don’t want to dedicate the time. Because we’ve got little of it. How do you convince someone to spend time on what you’re creating, especially when the big boys are having trouble getting people to pay attention to their stuff?

Belong to what?

Beware of change



There’s an old sea story about a ship’s Captain who inspected his sailors, and afterward told the first mate that his men smelled bad.
The Captain suggested perhaps it would help if the sailors would change underwear occasionally.

The first mate responded, “Aye, aye sir, I’ll see to it immediately!”
The first mate went straight to the sailors berth deck and announced,

“The Captain thinks you guys smell bad and wants you to change your underwear.”

He continued, “Pittman, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Witkowski, and Brown, you change with Schultz.”

Someone may come along and promise “Change“,
But don’t count on things smelling any better.


It is much harder to lose a customer than make one.

It is much harder to lose a customer than make one.

All this hogwash about treating people nice is irrelevant compared to the difficulty of getting someone to try your product in the first place.

Case in point, that miserable piece of doody known as AT&T Wireless.

Oh, I can hear you now! The service is fantastic! The highest speeds anywhere!

All you’re demonstrating is your ignorance, because you don’t know any better, and that’s a sorry state of affairs in this information age wherein you can Google anything and find out the facts. But people don’t want to know the facts, they’d rather wallow in their investment.

Kind of like the BMW Mini. Ever read the repair records on those automobiles? Absolutely horrible, just above Yugo level, you can’t buy a car built in England… But everybody who’s got one keeps testifying how spectacular they are, proving once again, if you bought it, unless it’s the worst piece of crap ever and doesn’t even fulfill the most basic of obligations, YOU LOVE IT!

So let’s go back to AT&T Wireless.

It’s the brand name. You trust it! Never underestimate good will. If you’re buying your first wireless phone do you really want to go with the brand you’ve never heard of before? It takes a long time to deplete the good will of a brand. Look at General Motors, turning out junk for decades before everybody turned around and realized Japanese cars were better built.

So AT&T has got a brand name and a plan… That’s why I signed up back at the turn of the century. You could dial anywhere in the U.S. for one flat rate. But the only problem was if you could get a connection, you couldn’t keep it. But everybody complained, everybody dropped calls, AT&T was no worse than any other service.


Calendar August 2014

This is the only time you see this phenomenon in your lifetime. 

August 2014







































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Funny Photo so “BACH OFF”

wrrdallasDallas Classical Radio Station WRR FM101 visit wrr101.com

WRR is the only commercial station in Texas that plays classical music 24 hours a day and is the oldest same-owner station in the U.S. With a tower in Cedar Hill, the 100,000 watt station’s listening area spans 100 miles in any direction.

The City of Dallas-owned radio station not only pioneered the local airwaves; WRR was the first licensed broadcast station in Texas and one of the nation’s five inaugural stations.


The Internet in maturing …. still

The Internet is maturing … still

It’s a baby boomer problem. The belief that what was once important will continue to be important.

But look at it this way… When we were listening to the Beatles back in 1964, were we also listening to the music from 1914? Of course not! So why do baby boomers expect that kids today care about what happened fifty years ago?

They don’t.

As for boomers saying they loved Frank Sinatra growing up… I don’t believe this is true, Sinatra nostalgia came much later, but in any event, his moment of fame came only twenty years before the Beatles, it’s like patting today’s kids on the back for liking George Michael.

Track the spread of today’s news stories and you will almost always hit…a dead end. If you’re lucky, what you’ve done has been forwarded once or twice, but when it hits the great sea where it sinks or swims on its merits it sinks. Oh, some things swim, but very few, and not for long.

So what we’ve got is the old era, but it’s even worse. Only a tiny sliver of stuff breaks through and becomes successful. The rest is wiped clean, as if the world were a giant magic slate.

So be thrilled if you’ve got friends who care about what you do. If you’ve got non-friend fans, even better. But if you’re dreaming of your one big break, the odds are exceptionally long.