The Internet in maturing …. still

The Internet is maturing … still

It’s a baby boomer problem. The belief that what was once important will continue to be important.

But look at it this way… When we were listening to the Beatles back in 1964, were we also listening to the music from 1914? Of course not! So why do baby boomers expect that kids today care about what happened fifty years ago?

They don’t.

As for boomers saying they loved Frank Sinatra growing up… I don’t believe this is true, Sinatra nostalgia came much later, but in any event, his moment of fame came only twenty years before the Beatles, it’s like patting today’s kids on the back for liking George Michael.

Track the spread of today’s news stories and you will almost always hit…a dead end. If you’re lucky, what you’ve done has been forwarded once or twice, but when it hits the great sea where it sinks or swims on its merits it sinks. Oh, some things swim, but very few, and not for long.

So what we’ve got is the old era, but it’s even worse. Only a tiny sliver of stuff breaks through and becomes successful. The rest is wiped clean, as if the world were a giant magic slate.

So be thrilled if you’ve got friends who care about what you do. If you’ve got non-friend fans, even better. But if you’re dreaming of your one big break, the odds are exceptionally long.


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