It is much harder to lose a customer than make one.

It is much harder to lose a customer than make one.

All this hogwash about treating people nice is irrelevant compared to the difficulty of getting someone to try your product in the first place.

Case in point, that miserable piece of doody known as AT&T Wireless.

Oh, I can hear you now! The service is fantastic! The highest speeds anywhere!

All you’re demonstrating is your ignorance, because you don’t know any better, and that’s a sorry state of affairs in this information age wherein you can Google anything and find out the facts. But people don’t want to know the facts, they’d rather wallow in their investment.

Kind of like the BMW Mini. Ever read the repair records on those automobiles? Absolutely horrible, just above Yugo level, you can’t buy a car built in England… But everybody who’s got one keeps testifying how spectacular they are, proving once again, if you bought it, unless it’s the worst piece of crap ever and doesn’t even fulfill the most basic of obligations, YOU LOVE IT!

So let’s go back to AT&T Wireless.

It’s the brand name. You trust it! Never underestimate good will. If you’re buying your first wireless phone do you really want to go with the brand you’ve never heard of before? It takes a long time to deplete the good will of a brand. Look at General Motors, turning out junk for decades before everybody turned around and realized Japanese cars were better built.

So AT&T has got a brand name and a plan… That’s why I signed up back at the turn of the century. You could dial anywhere in the U.S. for one flat rate. But the only problem was if you could get a connection, you couldn’t keep it. But everybody complained, everybody dropped calls, AT&T was no worse than any other service.



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