People Want To Belong

People Want to Belong We’re tribal, we abhor a vacuum, how can you make us believe in you?

The lesson of the Internet age is that traditional media may not reach the target audience. In other words, just because it’s in the newspaper, that does not mean everybody knows about it.

 Even worse, just because it’s on TV, that does not mean everybody’s seen it. Individual television rankings have been tanking ever since the advent of cable television, your jaw would drop if you knew how lousy the ratings for “Breaking Bad” were, despite all the press plaudits.

 Furthermore, it took years to achieve this level of press success. Bottom line, most people don’t want to dedicate the time. Because we’ve got little of it. How do you convince someone to spend time on what you’re creating, especially when the big boys are having trouble getting people to pay attention to their stuff?

Belong to what?


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