People Want to Belong Series – Music

Music – People Want To Belong Series

Continuing The People Want to Belong Series – Music

Music has a power no other medium possesses. It’s hotter than film or TV, but it’s become a backwater because those involved in making it and selling it don’t respect it. If you don’t believe in it, how do you expect anybody else to do so? Music is only trumped by sex, and many people have sex to music, very few want to get laid to episodic television.

Ahhhhh, the People’s Choice Awards. We don’t want to know what the public thinks, we want to know what the talented think. We don’t want Scorsese and Spielberg to make films by committee and we don’t want our musical stars to do so either. Did Jimmy Page put his finger to the public wind to decide what kind of music Led Zeppelin should make? Of course not, because people don’t know what they want, giving people what they want is artistic death, cultural bankruptcy, art is about opening eyes and ears, both reflecting the human condition and liberating people from it. We’ve got to head into the wilderness to regain our purchase upon the public pysche.



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