I like smart people.

I like smart people. I like to learn something.
Which is why I don’t watch TV singing competitions, where no one goes on to glory and it’s only about the ratings and I’m more interested in seeing “Shark Tank.”

That’s today’s world. Used to be everybody wanted to be a musician and have a hit record, today everybody wants to be an entrepreneur and go on “Shark Tank” and get an investment.

But they’re oftentimes so uninformed, they can’t possibly be successful. But unlike in music, the sharks tell the truth.

Kinda like the balloon guy last Friday night. A shark asked…”How can I make money on this?”

But smart people never take their eye from the prize, they know it’s not about feelings, but winning.
I read about the man that started – Coindesk. – Huh? – Not another Bitcoin story!

I don’t understand but during the conversation rather than change the subject, I had my friend explain.

And I got it. But no one in the media gets it. They’re too busy speaking of the seesawing value.

But today on the “New York Times” site Marc Andreesen lays out an explanation that will have your eyes bugging out. Not only does he answer all your questions, he illustrates opportunities. Not only is a digital currency coming, he believes it’s too late to stop the Bitcoin train. Kind of like Spotify has such a big lead that despite its imperfections…it probably can’t be beaten.

But this is why tech has become so exciting.

But it wasn’t only today’s article, at the beginning of the month Andreesen went on record in the “Wall Street Journal” that there is no tech bubble:

AND I like smart people.


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