Ubiquity – Everybody knows

Everybody knows:ubiquitylogo

“Saturday Night Fever.” Because that’s how good the Bee Gees songs were. Come on, have you ever heard “Stayin’ Alive”? How about “I Want To Hold Your Hand” or “Satisfaction”? All sounded completely unlike what had come before. They were novel and inspirational. With attitude.

That’s what made “Royals” such a hit, the attitude, as well as the sound. Same deal with the Avicii track “Wake Me Up.” Music is like a Balkanized nation where we’re so busy fighting in our own backyard that we can’t see that there’s a whole world out there. Ubiquity – Where Everybody knows. We should unite and promote the great hits of our day to those not paying attention.

Instead – we’ve got country music singing about church, babies and brands. Who in their right mind would care about that? When you shoot so low, most people shrug their shoulders and tune out. We’ve got to shoot higher.


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