Can’t Understand

Can not understandCan’t understand how you can be on TV but no one can see you. Having grown up with three channels, baby boomers can’t fathom five hundred.

Can’t understand why anybody would want to stay to the end of anything, because of the TRAFFIC!

Can’t understand then but have all the latest gadgets and barely know how to use them.

Can’t understand all the hogwash about fifty being the new thirty and sixty being the new forty has convinced them that they’re breaking the laws of science, but the truth is people break down, everybody does, and then they die.

Can’t understand why anybody would want to stand at a concert. Ooh, my aching bones!
And I want to do Netflix marathons but still want to be anti TV.

Can’t believe i thought boilable vegetable bags by Green Giant were the future only to find out fresh and local was.

Cant remember why I saw Florida as a geriatric graveyard… I now can’t wait to move there.

Cant remember why I thought college was there to learn something as opposed to overpaying for an entry ticket to a job.

Can’t understand why you can’t get a good ticket to an event. When we lined up in the morning, tickets were good. When you sit in your underwear at 10 AM clicking on Ticketmaster, you’re lucky to get a ticket at all.

Can’t recognize the people in “People.”

Can remember when almost nobody had flown in an airplane, as opposed to flying on a whim. Are cheap. They’re the ones carrying their bags on board as opposed to paying to fly them underneath.

Can remember we were fed by our mothers every night growing up, but have now become accustomed to takeout.

Can remember when you didn’t buy a car with electric windows because they were gonna break, now tech never breaks.

Can remember when you fixed stuff, now you just throw it out and buy a new one.


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