Home Deliver


Home Delivery

Everyone seem to want home delivery. The notion of having it delivered to your “home” instead of you visiting “somewhere else” to get…..

Most people are too jaded to take advantage of it.  Home delivery. They seem to want to “work” for it…

I see you are looking for an actual subject for my RANT…

I hear talk about Facebook platform, Twitter, Instagram, and the list goes on and on and on… but I “rant” here about an older, tried, true and test form that is delivered to you.  It has about 85% of the world population tied to it, 5.7 BILLION people tied to it vs the others that require you to “visit” them for their “experience”. Those others in fragmented platforms. I believe there is and will continue to be a resurgence and focus on this.  It does not matter how you are connected to the Internet, phone, laptop, tower, pad…. You have access to that remnant of the old internet age.

It’s a shame not to tap into the platform’s full potential

Here we have an idea so old that it’s NEW……….. Email


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