Stuff I’ve read and think!

Welcome to “stuff” I’ve read and think….It is possibly ENDLESS…. lolbestreading_hppromo

Social media builds careers.
This would be like saying a baseball player’s interviews make him a star. No, it’s his statistics, what he does on the field. Social media is the penumbra, a way for fans to stay in touch with their heroes. Work always has been and always will be the epicenter of any career. In other words, if you’re good enough, you don’t have to tweet, you don’t have to maintain a Facebook page, your fans will spread the word and keep you alive.

Publicity sells tickets.
If this was so, Miley Cyrus would sell out. But she doesn’t. And she’s gotten more ink than anybody. It’d be like expecting Kim Kardashian to fill arenas.

Record companies care about art.
They only care about money, it’s a business, and if anybody tells you different, they’re lying.

Google Glass is the future.
It breaks the number one rule of fashion, it’s dorky! Wearables will play a part in the future, but they’ll be relatively hidden, accessories. Only the geeks at Google could miss this. In other words, give a nerd a billion dollars and he’s still a nerd.

The horse race matters.
We’re not only seeing coverage of the 2014 election, but 2016 and 2018 too. But the truth is very few people care, media outlets are marginalizing themselves, not realizing when we know movie hype is irrelevant, that we can wait until opening day to know whether we’ve got to go, we don’t need to read endless reports stoking the fire of an interest that we don’t have. America is still about the hype, but the hype means less than ever before.


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