Wake uP!


Wake up

That’s the techie credo… We’re going to disrupt. You cannot see it coming, but your whole world is about to be upended.

That’s what’s wrong with so many of these tech companies. There is no founder, just an educated guy who can drink a beer and rap with you. Which Steve Jobs could not do. Because he was too antisocial, and cunning. But everybody in tech is trying to imitate his reality distortion field, to the point where when they start talking, my eyes roll into the back of my head.

Maybe you still use a BlackBerry. Maybe you’re even spinning vinyl.

But those are niche products destined for the scrapheap. Some people still use typewriters and dial phones. Hell, some still employ dialup Internet access.

But most don’t.

I don’t want to hear you still buy CDs. Or don’t have a smartphone. Or don’t go on social networks because you’re afraid of privacy issues.

You’re just leaving yourself out of the game.

Yes, brain-dead. The public seems mindless. That’s what belief is all about. Check with religions.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that… Except most people think. And they’re scratching their head wondering why they need Pono.

Most people don’t. But the press did. They see sexy, they see ads, Jann Wenner is up the ass of Neil Young. Never underestimate star power.

But it will only gain you entry, it won’t get people to lay their money down.

Steve Jobs was first and foremost a businessman. Second, a visionary. Or more accurately someone who could synthesize the available information into a coherent whole. He led, but not by too much, only when the customer was ready. And he won. After getting kicked out of his own company.

Whereas Steve Jobs wanted to stay in. He adjusted, learned from his flaws.

As for me, I’m going to sit here and continue to write this stuff straight.

And that doesn’t mean I won’t get it wrong sometimes.


A woman dropped her suitcase on my head. And I’m the loser!

You know America, where everybody’s time-challenged and cheap. They can’t check their bag because they might lose some time, and god forbid they spend extra money. Oh yeah, on Southwest bags fly FREE!

loserMost airlines are gonna lose them and you’ve got no time to waste so today the essence of travel is getting on the plane first, for the bin space. So people keep traveling with larger and larger roll-ons, and this nitwit extracted hers and it fell right on my head. And my melon still hurts. Do you think she apologized? OF COURSE NOT! Winners have no time to do this, they’re too busy WINNING!
In VEGAS you get off the plane and you’re confronted with slot machines. Las Vegas is a monument to losers, the whole place wouldn’t even exist if you could win. In other words, the odds are stacked against you.

But unlike the music business, Vegas has pivoted. It tried families, that was a mistake. And now it stands on the twin pillars of conventions and entertainment. It’s where you go to cut loose when no one’s watching. Music lives in an electronic world.

We live in a lifestyle culture, it’s all about experiences and losers.

Despite the hogwash about everybody trying to get rich, the truth is so many realize they never will be, so they’re all about drinking and drugging and screwing. Having a good time. Same as it ever was.
So what have we learned?

We live in a me and you universe. No one knows this better than the millennials, who were brought up to be members of the group as opposed to individual winners. They were connected at birth and now they’re connected with their mobile devices and they want to go out and hang with their brethren, and if the old people don’t know, they don’t care.

I want to have the time of my life, DON’T YOU?



And you hate that. You hate that someone is on top and you’re not.get-experience-blog-page
We live in an era of intelligence and technology. Somehow too many don’t know this. That the only way they can win is to be anti, to speak truth to power as opposed to trying to compete with the big boys, like everybody in Hollywood investing in tech, what a laugh, as if to become a hedge fund manager all you’ve got to do is hang out your shingle.
Those bank guys know something. They learned it through years of dedication. Did you go to work IN your business or are you so busy networking online that you think it’s irrelevant?

But please stop ignoring the rules. Start being blinded by science instead of hype. Forget the cult of personality and get down to the cold hard truth.

But that would require you to realize where you are on the totem pole…

Turns out most wealth in America today is not inherited,
it’s been made anew by the present generations. Sure, they may have had advantages, good schooling and generous parents, and a modicum of luck, but they’re pulling further and further away as we in entertainment focus on nitwits like Justin Bieber who are not only uneducated, but have nothing to say.

But now you can’t question anybody, certainly not anybody famous.

That’s what we’re all looking for, crumbs from the famous, believing that Facebook pic from the show will burnish our image and make us happy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Why is everybody so damn delusional

Why is everybody so damn delusional
I was brought up with a group of shitheads. They had the parents’ that weren’t coddling, never telling them how great they were, that they were not going to be a world leader but instead a world-beater. They kept telling them the world was a scary place and it was hard to be successful and if they put their nose to the grindstone they might be lucky to find a place in this society of ours. Frankly, after listening to them I was afraid I would end up on the street.

But throughout history, much worse in the Internet era, is the plethora of “winners” who can’t see the forest for the trees, who believe the only impediment between them and success is your approval and your helping hand.

Let me make this clear.

Not a week goes by where I don’t receive multiple e-mails from people who are going to save somebody else’s business or they have the NEXT BUSINESS IDEA.

If you tell the delusional the truth, that their idea ain’t gonna make it, it’s just not good enough, suddenly it’s your fault, you’re cut to shreds, get on their high horse, recites their thin c.v. and yells that you just don’t get it, how wrong can you be, that they’ll come back to laugh on your grave.

They have this: ‘You’re successful, and that’s not fair. You have a successful business, and I don’t, as a result I’ve got to talk crap about you until the end of time.’

So I just don’t understand the world we live in.
Can not understand
But I do understand why the rich and powerful live in gated communities, fly private and want nothing to do with the unwashed masses. BECAUSE THEY JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S GOING ON!

What’s the cliche, no good deed goes unpunished? Or, the truth is, they’re just mad you’re not helping them out, as if it’s your duty to push them around the game board of life.


How come no one can write English

How come no one can write English
Who do we blame, the schools, wherein if they have anybody write at all, they have them do it in a way that eliminates all creativity? And every rule of writing can be thrown out the window if it’s interesting. And take note most teachers are not successful writers, so take everything they say with a grain of salt. Or, to put it another way, school is all about eviscerating your creativity, making you conform.

We live in a world of the written word. But too many people can’t write in a comprehensible way. Let me restate that, too many people can’t write in a way that people want to read it! Especially business people.

I don’t believe in business plans, they’re a way for MBAs to feel good about themselves, a circle jerk that leaves out the hard work of true creation, having an idea and going balls to the wall. If everybody’s on your team from the get-go, your idea isn’t revolutionary enough. But if you can’t explain your idea, no one will ever invest.

So the first criterion of writing is…READABILITY! I’m not talking about spelling and punctuation, rather I’m referring to words that string together in a way that cuts like butter.

Schools impose structure, business people are too busy trying to impress, and the truth is most words go unread, because they’re just not interesting enough.

E-mail and business presentations…


If it’s not flowing real fast, start over. If it’s in your head and you can’t get it out, take an enema and just let it flow. Writing is not hard, it’s like every other pursuit, you’ve just got to start, hit go and you’ll learn along the way.

But you’ve been writing all your life, so you’ve got a head start. Want to impress someone? Don’t overthink it, just make it straightforward.

I just read a business proposal so incomprehensible I’m not sure what it’s about.

So, most of what’s online is unreadable.

I gravitate to the links of the name publications, because they know first and foremost it’s about writing and readability. Ideas are a dime a dozen, getting them across is the hard part.

What makes you think if you never write that some business plan you execute is going to be any good?

Ditto on e-mail. You might have something important to say, but if I can’t understand it, if it’s too complicated and boring to read, I’m not.

So, once again, start by writing like you speak. And, if it’s important, use spellcheck, it’s built-in.

You can’t watch all the YouTube videos and you can’t read all the online posts.

Want yours to stick out? MAKE IT READABLE!

Why is it worth so much.

Why Uber just might be worth it at $18 billion’:


It’s all anybody talks about, other than Airbnb. This exalted status used to be occupied by music. How did this happen?

Interestingly, Travis Kalanick, Uber’s majordomo, used to be in the file-trading business, with a company called Scour, you know how that turned out, the record companies killed file-trading dead and it took the better part of a decade for streaming services to put a dent in piracy, and now the artists who wouldn’t say boo about Napster are all up in arms about Spotify and if you think this is a good thing, you probably hate change and wish that you could have your old Doc Martens back, you know, the ones with the eyelets ripped out.

Uber is kind of like the Beatles. It came from left field, completely unexpected, there were early adopters, and then critical mass, yes, Uber was around for years before it was fully embraced.

And then people couldn’t stop talking about it, now even oldsters.

Look at the price of concert tickets, look at celebrity endorsements/sponsorships, if you get all warm and tingly about musical artists either they have little traction or you’ve barely hit puberty. The rest of the public…shrugs.

Uber utilized new technology to upend the existing taxi system. Yup, Uber used a smartphone app. Whereas, as stated above, artists HATE Spotify, which runs cleanly on an app. Because artists are so stupid they can’t understand the concept of critical mass. That you build the infrastructure first, and then money comes raining down. They’ve got cable and wireless subscriptions, but to explain the financial investment is too much for them to understand, either because they’re too old and don’t believe in math, or they’re too young and don’t know it.

But just like Pro Tools, Uber understood the costs of production have gone down. Believe me, I’ll get an e-mail from someone lamenting the death of studios, what next, string sections? Hell, something is lost in every venture into the future, but that does not mean the mass will stay locked in the past. Actually, it’s always the mass which drives adoption of these new services, people catch on and can’t stop talking about them. Yes, the customer is driving adoption.

And, interestingly, people love paying more on Uber for convenience. We charge people for VIP at festivals, but music (like sports) is all about INCONVENIENCE! Lines to get in, lines to buy food, which is oftentimes inadequate. And it’s always someone else’s problem in music, it’s Ticketmaster’s or the venue’s, no one takes responsibility.

And you wonder why everybody goes into tech, why everybody talks about tech.

Because in tech they’re pushing the envelope, in tech they’re breaking rules, in tech they’re making MONEY!