Why is everybody so damn delusional

Why is everybody so damn delusional
I was brought up with a group of shitheads. They had the parents’ that weren’t coddling, never telling them how great they were, that they were not going to be a world leader but instead a world-beater. They kept telling them the world was a scary place and it was hard to be successful and if they put their nose to the grindstone they might be lucky to find a place in this society of ours. Frankly, after listening to them I was afraid I would end up on the street.

But throughout history, much worse in the Internet era, is the plethora of “winners” who can’t see the forest for the trees, who believe the only impediment between them and success is your approval and your helping hand.

Let me make this clear.

Not a week goes by where I don’t receive multiple e-mails from people who are going to save somebody else’s business or they have the NEXT BUSINESS IDEA.

If you tell the delusional the truth, that their idea ain’t gonna make it, it’s just not good enough, suddenly it’s your fault, you’re cut to shreds, get on their high horse, recites their thin c.v. and yells that you just don’t get it, how wrong can you be, that they’ll come back to laugh on your grave.

They have this: ‘You’re successful, and that’s not fair. You have a successful business, and I don’t, as a result I’ve got to talk crap about you until the end of time.’

So I just don’t understand the world we live in.
Can not understand
But I do understand why the rich and powerful live in gated communities, fly private and want nothing to do with the unwashed masses. BECAUSE THEY JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S GOING ON!

What’s the cliche, no good deed goes unpunished? Or, the truth is, they’re just mad you’re not helping them out, as if it’s your duty to push them around the game board of life.



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