And you hate that. You hate that someone is on top and you’re not.get-experience-blog-page
We live in an era of intelligence and technology. Somehow too many don’t know this. That the only way they can win is to be anti, to speak truth to power as opposed to trying to compete with the big boys, like everybody in Hollywood investing in tech, what a laugh, as if to become a hedge fund manager all you’ve got to do is hang out your shingle.
Those bank guys know something. They learned it through years of dedication. Did you go to work IN your business or are you so busy networking online that you think it’s irrelevant?

But please stop ignoring the rules. Start being blinded by science instead of hype. Forget the cult of personality and get down to the cold hard truth.

But that would require you to realize where you are on the totem pole…

Turns out most wealth in America today is not inherited,
it’s been made anew by the present generations. Sure, they may have had advantages, good schooling and generous parents, and a modicum of luck, but they’re pulling further and further away as we in entertainment focus on nitwits like Justin Bieber who are not only uneducated, but have nothing to say.

But now you can’t question anybody, certainly not anybody famous.

That’s what we’re all looking for, crumbs from the famous, believing that Facebook pic from the show will burnish our image and make us happy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.



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