A woman dropped her suitcase on my head. And I’m the loser!

You know America, where everybody’s time-challenged and cheap. They can’t check their bag because they might lose some time, and god forbid they spend extra money. Oh yeah, on Southwest bags fly FREE!

loserMost airlines are gonna lose them and you’ve got no time to waste so today the essence of travel is getting on the plane first, for the bin space. So people keep traveling with larger and larger roll-ons, and this nitwit extracted hers and it fell right on my head. And my melon still hurts. Do you think she apologized? OF COURSE NOT! Winners have no time to do this, they’re too busy WINNING!
In VEGAS you get off the plane and you’re confronted with slot machines. Las Vegas is a monument to losers, the whole place wouldn’t even exist if you could win. In other words, the odds are stacked against you.

But unlike the music business, Vegas has pivoted. It tried families, that was a mistake. And now it stands on the twin pillars of conventions and entertainment. It’s where you go to cut loose when no one’s watching. Music lives in an electronic world.

We live in a lifestyle culture, it’s all about experiences and losers.

Despite the hogwash about everybody trying to get rich, the truth is so many realize they never will be, so they’re all about drinking and drugging and screwing. Having a good time. Same as it ever was.
So what have we learned?

We live in a me and you universe. No one knows this better than the millennials, who were brought up to be members of the group as opposed to individual winners. They were connected at birth and now they’re connected with their mobile devices and they want to go out and hang with their brethren, and if the old people don’t know, they don’t care.

I want to have the time of my life, DON’T YOU?


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